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Eco Printing

Eco Printing

Eco printing is an all-natural art form that uses the natural pigments in leaves to make beautiful, one of a kind designs on fabric or paper. Each piece is completely unique and uses no synthetic dyes, inks or pigments. I sometimes augment pieces with other natural dyes that I make from indigo, black walnut, lichen, and other foraged materials. All of the natural materials I use are gathered responsibly and sustainably.

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I mostly use leaves from plants that grow near my Portland, Oregon home, many right from the native plants growing in my yard.


Prepared leaves are laid out on the fabric. I love finding the right arrangement and playing with placing some leaves face down and others face up.


Another name for eco printing is contact printing because the leaves must be in close contact with the fabric to leave a print. This is accomplished by rolling the fabric tightly around a branch or pipe and binding the bundle with string.


This process requires much patience. After heating the bundles for hours and then waiting for them to cool, they can finally be unrolled. It's always a surprise to see just how the prints turn out. To me, each feels like a gift from Nature.