30 inch Square Silk Scarf

30 inch Square Silk Scarf


This beautiful square scarf is 100% silk and is elegantly printed with maple, oak, and eucalyptus leaves. It has been dyed using only the natural pigments of real leaves in a time consuming, but completely environmentally friendly process known as "eco printing" or "botanical dyeing." No synthetic inks, dyes or pigments are used. Learn more about the eco printing process here:

This scarf was also dyed with natural indigo dye, giving it a beautiful background of silvery blue.

Real leaves are gathered and bundled with the fabric making each scarf completely one of a kind. Wear it as a beautiful fashion statement or display it in your home.

You will receive the exact scarf shown in the photos.

Eco-Printing requires the application of heat and pressure to fabric, often resulting in a more textured appearance of the fabric. While small wrinkles in the fabric may ease over time, they are a semi-permanent feature of the eco-printing process.

30 x 30 inches (76 x 76 cm)

100% silk

Care & Handling:
- Gently hand wash ONLY, cold wash.
- Use mild soaps.
- No tumble dry. Hang flat to dry.
- Iron using silk settings.
- Do not dry clean.

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