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Blackberry Leaf Charmeuse Scarf

Blackberry Leaf Charmeuse Scarf


This elegant silk charmeuse scarf is a muted crepe on the backside and lustrous satin on the top. It has been dyed using only the natural pigments of real leaves in a time consuming, but completely environmentally friendly process known as "eco printing" or "botanical dyeing." No synthetic inks, dyes or pigments are used. You can learn more about my eco printing process here:

Real leaves are gathered and bundled with the fabric making each scarf completely one of a kind. This has been printed with blackberry and rose gathered from my neighborhood. This scarf is a true representation of the season as young blackberry leaves from the spring print a beautiful deep purple and gray-green depending on which side touches the fabric. Leaves picked later in the year don't show as much color variation.

You will receive the exact scarf shown in the photos.

14" X 72" inches (35.5 X 183 cm)

100% silk charmeuse

Care & Handling:
- Gently hand wash ONLY, cold wash.
- Use mild soaps.
- No tumble dry. Hang or lay flat to dry.
- Iron using silk settings.
- Do not dry clean.

Eco-Printing requires the application of heat and pressure to fabric, often resulting in a more textured appearance of the fabric. While small wrinkles in the fabric may ease over time, they are a semi-permanent feature of the eco-printing process.

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