Winter Peg Doll Playset

Winter Peg Doll Playset


This winter themed set is the perfect way to celebrate the cold weather. This winter berry gnome ushers in a new season and comes with a box full of nature-inspired seasonal treasures. The gnome doll stands about 4 inches (10 cm) tall, including the hat. He is made of all natural wood and his body is painted red with non-toxic watercolor. The hat is made of the softest cashmere in a beautiful icy blue color and is hand embroidered with brown branches and red berries. The gnome also wears a cape made of the same blue cashmere. Cape and hat are not removable.

This peg doll comes beautifully packaged with winter inspired treasures. These include a large square of blue snowflake-patterned fabric, three icy blue gemstones, several pieces of ice (it is really white beach glass), three glittery paper snowflakes, a small wool cardinal and a tuft of snow white wool fiber. (Please note that the tree bark shown in the third and fourth photos is for display purposes only and is not included in this collection.)

All of these treasures come beautifully packaged in a gift box ready to give as a gift if desired. This box of treasures would be perfect for an older child to include in imaginative play, decorating a winter nature table, being woven into your seasonal decorating or serving as a centerpiece on your dining table.

**This gift box includes many small items and is not intended as a plaything for young children who still put toys in their mouth."

Just as stones in nature are all unique, these gift boxes may have small variations. They will all contain the items pictured but, most notably, placement of pattern on the fabric may vary due to the way it's cut, beach glass varies in shape and the paper and button used to package the Winter Gift Boxes may vary.

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